Studio Molen is looking for a workshop employee with creative and technical skills.

All of Studio Molens designs are hand-made and the process of physical creation is an essential part of our artistic practice. In our workshop we translate our ideas and designs into tangible objects. We work out detailed technical drawings, as well as create from an intuitive and hands-on process.

We are looking for someone to match the above: who has both technical skills and knows how to accurately work out a detailed drawing, but also has a creative mind and knows how to improvise and optimize during the process of creation.


Responsibilities and tasks include:

- You will assist the senior designer in realizing the designs

- You will translate project briefings into strong concepts and visuals

- You will make models and prototypes in various materials based on drawings and sketches

- You will produce modelling parts, create moulds and build 1:1 mock-ups

- You will assist the senior designer with the creation of new work and experiments with material and form

- You will be responsible for optimizing production and creating an efficient workshop practice

- You will manage your own workload



- A degree or provable experience in design, art, woodworking, furniture or craftsmanship is required.

- Experience in working with various techniques, materials and production methods

- Capable of making and reading technical drawings for production

- A background in or affinity for art and design

- Flexible and fast but with attention to detail

- Fluent in English and/or Dutch

- preferable full-time

- Living in region Amsterdam / Zaandam or willing to relocate to this region

- Possession of valid driver’s license

 So, are you a creative talent with an eye for aesthetics, combined with a hands-on mentality and technical skills? And do you feel inspired and challenged to contribute to the spirit and ambition of Studio Molen? Then we would love to receive your application. 

Please send your motivation letter, resume and portfolio in PDF format to No download link please.

If your entry has potential, we will contact you with further steps.