Frederik Molenschot (the Netherlands, 1981) is a graduate of the renowned Design Academy in Eindhoven and part of the internationally acclaimed Dutch Design movement. Molenschot founded Studio Molen in 2005 and has been working with a group of talented professionals in the field of art, design and architecture ever since.

Studio Molen operates in both the public, private and institutional domain and creates site-specific designs and autonomous works of art. The studio works on projects varying from public art commissions, interiors for restaurants and design concepts for railway stations to furniture for school squares, unique lighting sculptures and façade designs for public architecture.

Since 2011 Studio Molen is represented by the high-end design gallery Carpenters Workshop Gallery, who are based in London and Paris (and shortly in New York) and operate worldwide. For the gallery Studio Molen works on special art and design commissions for individuals, companies and museums.

Studio Molen is well known for its monumental bronze lighting sculptures, which, inspired by city lights and the night sky, visualize a vision of a future city. These sculptures, and many other projects of Studio Molen, have been acquired by art collectors worldwide and shown at international art fairs and exhibitions.